Top 5 major home decor trends in 2020

If you expect to see gorgeous colors this spring, you might be a little disappointed-it doesn’t mean you can’t add any favorite colors to your home. But interior designers are still betting on earth and natural tones, as well as dark cabinets and furniture. Brown is coming back with full intensity, and crimson wood is coming back, but I still like light, or white oak.

Here are my top 5 picks for home decor and interior decoration trends that will run throughout the year.

1: Cabinets

Dark cabinets are classics, and there is no doubt that this color is not outdated, especially cabinets. So dare to try it in the kitchen, bathroom. The smaller the space, the easier it is to fill up, so you need to use the space. Honestly, I will never get tired of this color!

2: Raw Wood

Logs in matte or grey annual ring colors are still very popular and you can see these finishes on them. White oak hardwood floors have clear stain colors, and the side cabinets have gray washed finishes, fabric sofas, dining chairs, and chandeliers. These can be used as logs elements. Designers mix painted cabinets with original cabinets in the kitchen and living room, because the warmth of wooden cabinets not only brings fun to the space, but also helps increase the balance of the space. That is to say, if it is all log colors, you will feel monotonous. If it is painted furniture, you will feel insecure and noisy. Yes, we finally want to say hello to warm colors!

3: Greenery

There was a time when we despised those people for having any type of fake plants in their homes, or I should say a little cheesy. At the time, I thought it was easy to keep a pot of real flowers. Why do I buy plastic plants? I remember it very well. Later, because the children in my family broke the flower pots, I decided that I could no longer put them in the living room. However, by 2020, I am full of that green nostalgia, and I like flowers and plants very much! Whether artificial or not!

4: Canopy Beds

If you ever dreamed of having a canopy bed, but never really liked many traditional versions of beds, now is the right time to fulfill your wishes! At present, canopy beds are really popular because they are really beautiful and practical. They can be used with mosquito nets in summer and also have decorative effects. Now you can easily find canopy beds for almost every taste.

5: Earthy

If a dark color like crimson is not what you really feel, don’t feel old. Organic and earthy materials such as logs and rattan furniture remain popular. Pastel shades with oak colors are very popular. Actually, I feel that people are tired of too cluttered houses, and I believe it will continue to be so in the coming years! This “global organic trend” is actually a beneficial trend, emphasizing nature and environmental protection. I think we need to live in a real house that feels good, away from formaldehyde, plastic. Houses with natural elements often make us feel more relaxed.

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