Turkey Travel Guide -Istanbul

Thinking about planning a trip to Istanbul, Turkey? Short answer: must go and see! A thousand years of history, incredible architecture, diverse cuisine, and hospitable people have made Istanbul a great experience destination. It turns out that it is as fascinating as I expected.

In this travel guide, I will share:

  • Best time to go to Istanbul
  • How to visit Istanbul cheaply
  • What to pack and how to dress in Istanbul
  • Istanbul Accommodation and Hotel Fees
  • Tips and suggestions
  • Istanbul Sightseeing Route Click

Continue reading all these Istanbul tips and more

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When to visit Istanbul

Istanbul is a destination you can visit all year round. Istanbul is located on the border between Europe and Asia, the city has changed significantly in four seasons, so be sure to check the weather in order to properly pack. When it is the hottest in July-August, it can reach 40C during the day, but it is very comfortable at night only 20C. It feels like Tijuana Mexico.

The type of climate in Turkey varies greatly. The southeast is arid and the Central Anatolian plateau is relatively cool. In general, Turkey has long summers, high temperatures, and little rainfall; winters are cold, and the cold current brings snow and cold rain. The orchards, wheat fields and reservoirs have plenty of rainwater, and the vineyards and people who go to the beach have plenty of sunshine.

Climate diversity shows that Turkey’s crop varieties are extremely rich. This is one of the world’s leading producers of tobacco, pistachios, raisins, fruits and vegetables.

Be sure to check if you have any Turkish holidays during your visit, because most of the faith here is Islam, and some sites may be closed.

If you want to know more about The Sacrifice Feast, please click

Blue Mosque photograph

Grand Bazaar Istanbul photograph

Hagia sophia photograph Istanbul

Suleymaniye mosque Istanbul Travel photograph

If you are interested in the religious feast of sacrifice in Istanbul, please make sure that you arrive before December 10 of the Islamic calendar every year.

During the festival (the religious feast) most sites are closed, and the Grand Bazaar and Egyptian Spice Market will also be closed until the end of the festival. Many residents of Istanbul take vacations, which makes parts of the city feel unusually empty. Please realize this. On the positive side, Istanbul provides free public transportation during the holidays, and there are also grand festivals. If you are a vegetarian or an animal protectionist, then the holiday scene is not for you.

82 million (2018), the Turks accounted for more than 80%, and the Kurds accounted for about 15%. Turkish is the national language. 99% of the residents believe in Islam, 85% of them are Sunni, and the rest are Shia (Allawi); a few believe in Christianity and Judaism.


The Turks are the main ethnic group of the modern Turkish Republic, and all of them moved from Central Asia to Asia Minor after the 11th century. Most people believe in Sunni Islam, and a few people believe in Islam Shia-Allah Alevi.

The Kurds are the most populous minority in Turkey, with 14 million people, of which approximately 7 million live in large, sparsely populated areas in the east and southeast. Most Kurds in Turkey are Muslims, and they are very different from the Turks in language, culture and family tradition.

About taxi scams

My first suggestion is to download the application Bitaksi, which is equivalent to uber. Since the app provides the driver ’s full name and license plate, it helps ensure that they are responsible and honest.

Istanbul Travel Card Price

Purchase Istanbulkart (10 Turkish lira), which is a bus card. Can be used in buses, trams, subways and other places. After you put money on the card, you can share a card among multiple people. A good way to travel!
With this card, you can already enjoy a discount of 40% lower than the normal fare. You do not need to pay 5 Turkish Lira for each ride, but only 3 Turkish Lira.

Baggage in Istanbul

Although your packing list in Istanbul is definitely dependent on the time of your visit, certain things are applicable throughout the year. Istanbul is very mountainous. If you plan to climb, I suggest packing walking shoes. If you just want to take pictures, walk around the street then you can bring high heels.

When visiting the mosque, both men and women should cover their legs and shoulders. For women, I suggest putting a light scarf around the head in the mosque. Some mosques have scarves you can borrow, but getting ready is always a good thing.

Istanbul Blue Mosque photograph

Accommodation in Istanbul

This is my first visit to Istanbul, so I chose to live in Sultanahmet. We hope to see the main attractions, which is more convenient here. Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque are only a 5-minute walk away.

Istanbul is a tourist city. The facilities here are complete, and even during the peak tourist season, hotel supply is still sufficient. Although the area is definitely a tourist destination, we feel very comfortable in the area because the streets are very lively but not very crowded.

You should also consider staying in the Tophane, Galata / Karakoy areas, these places are good choices.

Sightseeing Route -Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Hotel rooms in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul are not cheap. The prices of the above three districts are similar.
Luxury hotels cost $ 1,000 a day.
Budget hotels cost 200-400 dollars a day.
Of course you have cheaper options. But rooms under $ 100 a day are either far away or dirty.

Hagia sophia photograph Istanbul

Tips and suggestions

One of the questions I am often asked is whether it is safe to visit Istanbul after the Syrian war. Especially for female travelers. I feel safe in Istanbul.

Suleymaniye mosque Istanbul Travel photograph

The main problems we encountered came from two aspects:
The problem of living in the city also happens frequently in California.
Tourist scams, especially taxis. You should be vigilant like in any big city.

If you want to know Istanbul Sightseeing Route

Istanbul Sightseeing Route Click

Blue Mosque photograph

Grand Bazaar Istanbul photograph

Hagia sophia photograph Istanbul

Suleymaniye mosque Istanbul Travel photograph

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