Vitamin C benefits to the human body

Why do you need to take vegetables and fruits frequently

Vitamin C is not stored in the human body, and will be excreted in the feces within two or three hours. Therefore, many people take high doses of vitamin C in a short period of time, and cannot achieve the actual health care effect. What you need to do is find ways to take vitamin C-containing vegetables and fruits from your daily diet.

Vitamins are very important to human health and an indispensable element in the human body. Many people like to eat vitamin tablets, and feel that vitamin C has many benefits for the body. Taking vitamin C daily can reduce the chance of various diseases.
is it right to do so?

First, the benefits of vitamin C include the following:

  1. Skin care and sun protection, it can assist in the skin reconstruction of human body, participate in the production of collagen powder, and make the skin smooth and beautiful. Vitamin C has the effect of isolating ultraviolet rays. A certain amount of vitamin C can promote the decomposition of melanin on the face, thereby maintaining the skin.
  2. It can prevent diabetes, and the antioxidant effect of vitamin C can regulate the body’s internal oxides, lower cholesterol, and relieve the aortic sclerosis. People who consume vitamin C for a long time have a significantly lower incidence of myocardial infarction.
  3. To reduce the incidence of cancer, the antioxidant properties of vitamin C inhibit the production of carcinogens, maintain body cells, improve the body’s immune function, and prevent the spread of tumors.
  4. It can help bone growth and development. Vitamin C can promote bone regeneration and fiber cell regeneration.
    The growth and development of children’s bones is the key to the whole process of growth. Parents can’t ignore it. They should provide the right amount of vegetables and fruits when their children are growing up.
  5. Vitamin C can enhance liver function, prevent gallstones, suppress inflammation, and reduce the harm caused by smoking.

Disadvantages of vitamin C:

  1. Adverse effects of taking too much: taking vitamin C in large doses can cause bloating, rashes, and acid reflux. Severe conditions can cause hemolysis and even fatality.
    In addition, people who take large doses of vitamin C for a long time suddenly stop taking the drug, and scurvy will occur.
  2. Vitamin C can promote the excretion of blood uric acid and oxalate in the urine and increase the risk of urinary tract stones. The use of vitamin C in an excessively large dose can cause subacute calcium oxalate to accumulate in the renal tubule and cause subacute chronic renal failure .
  3. Vitamin C should not be consumed with shellfish ingredients.
    Crustaceans carry a higher concentration of pentavalent arsenic. Although pentavalent arsenic has less toxic side effects on humans, after taking large doses of vitamin C, pentavalent arsenic can be transformed into toxic divalent arsenic (poison).

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