Who want Experience the Martian Landscape on Earth-Right Here

During the holidays, many people have stopped traveling, either because they are tired of the sea, mountains, peaks or anywhere, or because of the pity that has disappeared. Some people say that because they have no money, they can’t see the magnificent scenery, but I want to say that novelty is not limited to money in the pocket. Today, we provide the best alien accommodation, Sun City Camp, Wadi Rum Valley, arguably, it really is most like on Mars. The complete guide to visiting Jordan- Petra,dead sea and Little Petra .

Freedomes ’brand F. Domes created smaller versions of that big screen dome suitable as part of their glamping line, and set them up at SunCity Camp in Wadi Rum, allowing visitors to get about as close as they can get to visiting Mars.

This accommodation is located in the Wadi Rum Valley. It is 60 kilometers away from Aqaba City and 313 kilometers away from Amman, Jordan. The first-class accommodation will bring you an unprecedented atmosphere.

Need to stay connected? Just head on over to the reception tent, as they’ve equipped it with high-speed WiFi. There may not be any fast food, or restaurants for that matter, but the camp does have authentic Middle Eastern meals, which should more than satisfy your hunger.

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