Why the islands in South Florida are called Key

You must believe. Many years ago, Key West was originally called “the island of bones.”These are all translated from Spanish, or evolved from the Spanish alphabet. There are some very interestingly named Keys down here. For example, “a Big Pine Key” Is named that way because there are a lot of Pinetrees there. “Sugarloaf Key” It was named that, because when the first settlers came here, they found a bunch of Indian middens.“Cudjoe Key” Years ago, before the keys became the haven for the wealthy, a man named Joe owned almost keys. So Cudjoe is a take on “cousin joe”.”duck key” This island is shaped like a duck.”Grassy Key”,”Conch Key”,”Channel Key”…..and so on.

“Key” is a form of the word “cay”, which is from the Spanish word “cayo”, meaning “small island”. “Key” is a common word for any islet close to the mainland in South Florida and the Caribbean. In Cuba there are many offshore islets called “Cayo” .

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