Yagodinska Cave -Bulgaria Travel Guide

As one of the underestimated countries in Europe, Bulgaria has many attractions to visit, but many people did not expect it. Travel now and discover some of the best things Bulgaria can provide.

Bulgaria is located between the Rhodope Mountains and the Balkan Mountains, which is covered with evergreen pine trees.

And the sparkling blue waters of the Black Sea-Bulgaria is a paradise for explorers who want to discover unknown gems. This is Bulgaria.

Visitors to this country have the opportunity to wander among snow-covered ski resorts, stunning beaches and golden suns and historical gems. Even for the second visit to this country, there are quite a few possibilities.

Creating a list of places to visit in Bulgaria is not easy because this is an underestimated country and many attractions are not found. It may take you several months to discover the sights of Bulgaria. You should visit every corner of the country as much as possible during the trip.

It makes sense to create a list of the main attractions in Bulgaria. Because most people travel regularly, they follow conventional routes. A quick glance at some interesting facts about the country will not hurt, but you will not be pleasantly surprised.

I don’t like places that are easy to reach. So I introduce you to this magical cave.

Yagodinska Cave (Bulgaria: Ягодинскапещера) is a cave in the Rhodope Mountains, south of Bulgaria. It is named after a nearby village of the same name. With a total length of 10,500 m, Yagodinska Cave is the third largest cave in the country after Duhlata and Orlova Chuka, and the longest cave among azalea caves. Yagodinska Cave is home to 11 species of bats.

Yagodinska Cave

  • Price:20 BGN per person /groups of 5-7 people/
  • Duration: 4 hours

Yagodinska Cave
is situated 3 km south-west from the village of Yagodina. Its entrance is made artificially. This is one of the longest and most interesting caves in Bulgaria and the most beautiful in the Rhodopes. There are five levels in Yagodinska Cave with a total length of 10 kilometers. It has become a real tourist attraction .

The entrance is relatively small, you need to wait until you have 10 people together before you can enter.
But it’s really beautiful inside. There are very few natural caves over 10 kilometers. You should take a look.

The Yagodinska cave is 10,500 m long and is divided into three levels, of which the lowest level is only 1,100 m. The path was electrified and opened to tourists from 1971 to 1982. The entrance and exit of this floor are artificial tunnels with lengths of 150 and 80 m, respectively. The entrance and exit heights are 930 m and 937 m, respectively. The temperature of the cave is constant at 6ºС throughout the year; the humidity is 85%–91%.

Yagodinska contains a very large amount of cave formations, or cave deposits, including stalactites, stalagmites, stalagnates, calcium plates, curtains and cave pearls.

The natural entrance leads to the uppermost floor, where ancient dwellings dating back to 4,000 BC were found. Excavation has proved that the residence is an important center for the production of ceramics. The clay is extracted from the inside of the cave and the river bed of the Boinovska River. Pottery is baked in a clay oven. Due to the collapse of the earthquake, residents abandoned the site.

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